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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving, Wine, Beer, the Menu, the Family...the Redux

This piece I did last year pretty much covers everything I have to say about drinking on Thanksgiving. I don't see much point in re-writing it just to have something new.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone: there's room for every drink at your table -- beer, wine, spirits, cider, even mead -- and room for every friendly heart. Cheers!


sam k said...

52 weeks later, and there's that sweet reminder of my beloved National Premium again. I toured the brewery on the beltway many years ago, and their brewmaster told me that he'd suggested to management that Premium could be built into a major regional or even national brand with the right promotion.

He was convinced it could hold its own among the competition. I agreed. Still do.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

james canon said...

Thanksgiving you and yours from my side also....!

Anonymous said...

My memories of National Premium are from going to Memorial Stadium in Baltimore in the 80s. As I recall National Premium was neither national nor was it premium.

Anonymous said...

Sam K-- could have been yuengling lager before yuengling lager if marketed properly.

sam k said...

Maybe could have been Yuengling Lager in the day, but who knows? Still, it was a great mainstream beer, despite Anony's reminiscences in the early '80s...too bad! I'm way happier that I've got my life and memories instead of yours, Nony!