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Monday, November 30, 2009

Kid Rock's American Badass Beer!

Hey, Kid Rock's beer not only has a name now -- American Badass Beer -- it's even got a "website preloader" page. Wow! A preloader! (?)

American Badass has been out since July. It's in Michigan, and will roll out nationally over the next 12 months. Has anyone seen it?




Look, no slant on Michigan Brewing, which is doing the contract brewing for Kid Rock; more power to them, and after all, they get paid on the loading dock, so they're not going to be taking the bath along with him. And read this description:
Crisp, refreshing and smooth as a traditional lager can be. Delivers a nice hit of carbonation at first and finishes with a slight citrus note. This is a highly approachable beer that delivers a bright lager flavor without even a hint of aftertaste. Cascade hops light up the aroma while balancing the brew. Brewed for maximum appeal and slamability. Midwestern malted barley and hard, red winter wheat from Michigan, transform water from the Saginaw Aquifer into a beer that's a true American lager and truly Badass.
Doesn't sound like they went totally sell-out, right? Okay, "slamability" is out there, but I think I may have praised slamability once or twice myself.

But...someone's going to lose their shirt. Projects like this have a very, very bad track record. (Speaking of which...Donnie, Donnie, Donnie...) Only one I can think of working is Land Shark Lager, and it's not tied as strongly to Jimmy Buffett as this is to Kid Rock; and, of course, Land Shark is ABIB, who have a pretty damned good idea of how these things work, and the deep pockets to sustain them.

I'll be watching for this stuff at a bar near me.


David said...

You won't be missing much with this beer. Its truly as awful as its name.

Jay Zeis said...

I was at the Michigan Brewers Festival this year. Lines at every table, except one. Guess what was being served. I couldn't go to their table with Kuhnhenn, Founder, Jolly Pumpkin, Dragonmead, Arcadia and others so close by.

Note that Michigan Brewing also makes Wolverine, which the try to pawn off as a great beer to tailgate the UM games with. Same light lager as in any light/lite bottle

Erik Huntoon said...

I have generally found many of Michigan Brewing's beers to be fairly good. They brew the Celis beers and those are all good. I wouldn't expect much from a beer branded with Kid Rock's name, but I would be willing to give it a try.

Gregg Wiggins said...

I'd suspect (based on what I've heard about Kid Rock from my radio friends) that this beer is called American Badass because Arrogant Bastard was already taken.

Brad said...

Since this is a Kid Rock beer, the recipe must have been ripped off from a prior source, right?

Unknown said...

I dont get why people are saying that Badass ber is bad when they havent even tasted it. Its only available on tap at MBC and a few local bars in Livingston and Ingham County. IN FACT the only reason it hasnt been bottled and shipped out is because its been such a hit and has gotten such Rave reviews that they cant brew it fast enough to keep up.

I stop in to MBC once a week and try a new beer and a burger. So far they have not disapointed one bit. The alc. content of badass is a little low (about 4%) but it makes up for it in flavor and no nasty aftertaste like some microbrews. So why doesnt everyone just shut their mouth until they can actually say they have had the beer right from the tap at the brewery. If all you are is a kid rock hater then you will never give an honest opinion.

David said...

I had the beer right from the tap at MBC. It was awful. Everything from the initial taste to the after taste.

Lew Bryson said...

Fair enough, Adam, but I only see one person -- David -- saying the beer's no good, and he has apparently tasted it. I'm willing to give it a fair shot. What I'm really saying is that beers that have a business plan like this have a very poor track record, and I don't see anything at this point that makes me believe this one will be any different...regardless of the taste of the beer.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was "Ok" a clean beer, quite quafable actually.Would not go out of my way to find this one, but,if i was on an island i would prefer this over water.

Anonymous said...

Very good beer. Nice taste to it, no bad after taste. Goes down smooth, AND it's MADE IN MICHIGAN!!!!