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Friday, August 14, 2009

Elmer T. Lee 90th Birthday Edition

Just unveiled: Elmer T. Lee 90th Birthday Edition bourbon.

Kind of an emotional time. Sorry about the picture quality, but that's a special Elmer commemorative bottle of Maker's in the middle, and the 90th Birthday edition on the right.

The picture below is master distillers at the party: left to right, front row: Harlen Wheatley, Buffalo Trace; Jimmy Russell, Wild Turkey; Elmer T. Lee; Gary Gayheart, Buffalo Trace; and Parker Beam, Heaven Hill. Back row: Craig Beam, Heaven Hill; Greg Davis, Tom Moore; Kevin Smith, Maker's Mark; and Jim Rutledge, Four Roses. Pretty impressive.


Anonymous said...

"The Master Distillers" Where's Currier & Ives now that we need them. :)

Dale Christensen

Anonymous said...

How bout a review of the Old Weller lines. The 107 antique available in PA is damn nice for the price Bobo.

Anonymous said...

Add a couple of good friends, and some great cigars.... heaven on earth !

Josh_Black said...

Were there different bottles made for the 90th? I just purchased the one on the far left but have not seen the others with the exception of the picture on this blog.

Lew Bryson said...

The other two were limited, private bottlings; the Maker's was a one-off, just for Elmer; the Elmer bottling on the right was for attendees (many of which were opened and consumed that night). We got a cloth cap, too.