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Monday, August 10, 2009

Newcastle Keglet

Guilty pleasures time: I have on occasion enjoyed draft Heineken. I know, beer geeks aren't supposed to like it, but I would submit that some of that is "green-glass effect," the all-too-common skunking that afflicts bottled Heineken. Draft Heineken is all-malt, and makes a decent glass of cold lager. And...I've enjoyed the 5-liter mini-kegs they have, the slickest mini-keg around: pressurized, positive on-off tap action, fun for a small party.

So what? So nothing about Heineken, but they've just released Newcastle Brown Ale in the same package. I liked Newkie back in the 1980s, then got beer-snobby about it ("Weak, watery stuff"), and then ran into it in a blind tasting of 20-odd brown ales and ranked it near the top. I've got a new respect for it: smooth, flavorful, not overly aggressive. And now it's in that nifty 5-liter keglet. Good to go, Newkie.


comoprozac said...

And a brown is always good with a burger.

Jeff said...

Wow is it safe for all of us to come out of the Heineken closet now?

I'm actually excited about the Newcastle mini kegs too. Its a very accessible beer. I hate to use the word 'gateway' but that is what comes to mind.

Steven said...

"Draft Heineken is all-malt, and makes a decent glass of cold lager."


Oh, okay. I have to agree -- even non-skunked green bottles aren't bad drinkin'.

Seen the Newcastle keggies, haven't given 'em a try.

Lew Bryson said...

Heh. I KNEW I'd be hearing from you, Steve!

Scott-TheBrewClub said...

Neat. I'm wondering if it will be better than what I've had from the clear glass. (not too good) I'm thinking this would be an improvement.

Lucas said...

Having the opportunity to enjoy a draft at home is appealing no matter the beer and the prospect of a Newcastle mini keg is pretty exciting. It will certainly be worth a try.

Rich said...

How to be a beer geek without being a beer snob:

1. It's OK to like mainstream beer
2. It's OK to give good ratings to beers that aren't impy stouts or quads or double oaked whatjamajiggy ales.
3. It's just beer, enjoy it for once.

If you don't understand the rules you lose your geek card and get a snob card.

Steven said...

"I KNEW I'd be hearing from you"

I'll outright admit it -- let fly the slings & arrows, I was surprised a few years back when at a (corporate sponsored) party the only thing marginally palatable behind the bars was Heineken, so I went for it.

First time in many years that I'd tried it and imagine my surprise when I tasted some pretty good malt character.

Maybe the keggie will enlighten me on the Newcastle, never say never. Well, almost never.

bill mc said...

Oh heck, now you'll tell us you actually LIKE Rolling Rock...:)

yamar said...

If anyone can help me find these for purchase, either online or in Florida......Please help me!