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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Big Iron arrives in Danville

I mentioned on my website that a brewpub called Old Forge is planned for Danville, PA (282 Mill Street). I got in touch with founder Damien Malfara a while back, and here's what he had to say.

We are still in the preliminary stages (scraping plaster off of interior brick walls, tearing down ceilings, etc., etc.). We are hoping to be open by Thanksgiving if we are lucky. We are a brewpub with no plans for packaging at this time.

In the meantime, we ordered a 5 bbl direct-fired system from Premier should arrive by early September. We plan to have 8 beers on tap...4 flagship beers and 4 rotating specialties and seasonals (planned beers are on the website).

We will have a fun casual atmosphere, with a focus on healthy pub fare (both meat-lovers and vegetarian friendly!) and fresh brewed beer. Our theme is centered around craftsmanship...hand crafted beer, hand crafted wooden and forged steel bar and booths from a local woodworker/metalworker, hand crafted dishes and mugs from a local potter, hand crafted tap handles from a local wood/metal sculptor, food sourced from local farms wherever possible.

We are looking to hire a chef in October to help build the menu around our ideas and get the kitchen and kitchen staff up and running...I'm currently talking with various culinary schools to list the job posting in their alumni/career services departments.

Anyway, today a reader (thanks, Reverend!) sent me a link to a video clip on the local news about Old Forge finally getting in their tanks. Things are a bit behind schedule -- what a shock in a brewpub opening! -- and they're now aimed at opening by year's end, but things look good.

Danville's up there in the Selinsgrove/Berwick/Williamsport/Millmont quadrangle that's been so damned beer-hot lately. More ferment in what used to be Pennsylvania's Beermuda Triangle!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like they wanna give Philly a run for the money. :)

ClockworkOrange said...

Looking forward to opening day. I just checked out their website and noticed one of their beers will be called "Pig Iron Porter". Someone needs to tell them that name is taken by Iron Hill. I'd hate to see them in a dispute over such a petty thing when just starting out.

Unknown said...

The Old Forge does have a chef daughter-in-law. She and my son moved back to PA from AZ where she was the chef at a fancy resort in Sedona. They've been living with my wife and I since July and we've been enjoying her cooking since then. Trust me: the food at the Old Forge will be awesome. (Alas, they found a house and will be moving out this Friday.)

Lew Bryson said...

I saw that Pig Iron Porter too... Wonder what Iron Hill's reaction would be. It would be easiest for OF to change...Puddler Porter? Pounding Porter? Pounder Porter? Pork Iron Porter? Hey, they're free, whattaya want!

Unknown said...

Ooops...thanks for pointing out the Pig Iron honest mistake...maybe we'll have a "Name that Porter" contest when we open?

Anonymous said...

Old Forge is open now. Check the web site for days and hours. Damn good beer! Four on tap now.

Anonymous said...

my mistake, it's