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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Drought is OVER.

Drive home from choir practice with 1210 AM on (after rabid Phils fan choir director cuts practice short for the first time in memory), hear the Fightin's score a run to go ahead again after having the lead ripped from them by the bullshit "rain un-delay" decision Monday night. Scream with insane delight. Get home, greet family exultantly, head for stockpiled beer on frigid back deck.

Miltenberger Helles Hefe Weizen.

Phils score, Devil Rays score.

Sierra Nevada Porter.

Phils score, Devil Rays suck wind.

Deschutes Jubelale 2008.

Cathy: "Oh God, I can't stand it." Me: "It's Lidge: pop-out, strike-out." Lidge shuts the door: line drive caught by Werth, strikeout, game frickin' over, and the Phillies win!!!

Sly Fox Incubus.

Mind you, I hear some people didn't drink Philly beer to celebrate. Come on, man!


Anonymous said...

Yahoo Indeed! The curse is over!

Next up: Flyers winning the Lord Stanley's Cup!

Josh said...

Your post pretty much sums up the feelings we had over here watching the game. Every pitch was one step closer to the big win. When Lidge got that guy swinging - wow! Go Phils!

Anonymous said...

Boy, sounds like you were poundin' them down just like the Phils were poundin' the Rays! Rich Wagner reminded me that 28 years ago, the tipple of choice for the celebrating Philly fan would have been Schmidt's!

FGB Sherlock said...

We celebrated with Victory of course

Unknown said...

hey lew...
just out of curiousity...what year incubus?


Lew Bryson said...

Not sure, Suz, it was one Brian gave me two months ago. It was delish, but couldn't tell you if it were fresh or mature.