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Thursday, October 23, 2008

King Opens New Brewery, Europe Still Europe

I got a press release from Heineken International today that just made me smile.
His Majesty King Don Juan Carlos I of Spain opens new Heineken brewery in Seville
Heineken International announced today the official opening of its newest brewery in Seville, by His Majesty, King Don Juan Carlos I of Spain. Located seven kilometres from where the old plant of La Cruz del Campo used to be in the centre of Seville, the brewery, nicknamed “Jumbo”, because of its scale and size, is the most modern and technologically advanced in Europe.

A king opening a brewery. Hell, here in the U.S., we're lucky if the mayor is there (which the Lord Mayor of Seville was, of course). But in Spain, they get His Majesty King Don Juan Carlos I. Can you imagine Franco showing up? Okay, sorry, I'm dating myself.

That is Heineken's fifth brewery in Spain, by the way, just in case you thought they only did wine there.


Anonymous said...

As far as spanish beer goes. I dug this one although it is not technically from Spain proper, but the carnary islands

Anonymous said...

Sort of in the neighborhood of Spain, Malta also has decent beer