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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Come home, Uncle Jack!

I just found out why Jack Curtin hasn't been posting on his Liquid Diet blog. His cartoonist partner at the Dubya Chronicles, Rob Davis, posted this at Jack's other blog, I Have Heard The Mermaids Singing, yesterday.
Jack’s in the hospital! He’s doing fine, but apparently his appendix decided to rebel Friday into Saturday morning, perforated and then burst. He and I worked out posting the latest cartoon to “” (which is now up for your reading pleasure). He stated to me that he should be out in a few days and back to his normal oneriness. He does NOT have e-mail access at this time but those of you with his cel phone number can contact him that way.
Best wishes for a quick recovery, Jack!

Who knew Jack had a Republican appendix?

If I know Uncle Jack, this unprecedented three-fer plug for his beer and politics blogs will make him feel much better. Get better, Jack, we miss ya!

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Unknown said...

I went through that at a very young age and it is not fun...get well soon Jack.