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Friday, October 24, 2008

Philly Gets It II: Victory Dance at the Four Seasons

Not my usual haunt, but...the Philadelphia Four Seasons Hotel will be featuring Victory drafts and Philadelphia Distilling's new Penn 1681 Vodka (the company's supposed to be launching an absinthe soon, as well) in the Swann Lounge during the World Series. The Fightin's on hi-def, peanuts and crackerjack, a cold Prima Pils, and a stiff snort of rye-distilled local vodka: does it get better?

I thought it did, when your friend and mine, Victory prez Bill Covaleski, happened to mention -- while we were talking about the Phillies whoopee at the Four Seasons -- that Prima Pils was in the minibars in the Four Seasons rooms. That's more evidence that Philly Gets It; a great local beer in a top hotel's minibar, where usually it's nothing but International Icon Lagers (who are paying for exclusivity, at a guess). Prima in the minibars? That's huge!

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meredith said...

Four Seasons Philadelphia offers Bluecoat in the mini-bars as well. It's great that an establishment as big and as prominent as Four Seasons supports and offers local products... go four seasons.