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Monday, October 6, 2008

Earth Bread + Brewery to finally open: gee, thanks, PLCB!

After months of bureaucratic delays, courtesy of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, Tom and Peggy Baker's Earth Bread + Brewery (7136 Germantown Ave., Philly) is opening this Thursday (as reported by Michael Klein here). I'm pleased to see that the opening house drafts include Love Your Mother Mild Ale at 3.2% abv and Terra Fume Smoked Wheat Ale 4% abv (is this Tom's version of the lichtenhainer that Scott at East End Brewing made with Marzoni's Bill Kroft?): session beers live!

I hope to have more to tell you from personal experience soon, and maybe a case study for the other blog. In the meantime, Thursday at 4:30, you can get fresh Tom Baker beer for the first time in over two years, and what I've been told is some GREAT pizza. Philly's new wave of new brewpubs continues.


EastEndBrewing said...

No relation to the Lichtenhainer - the Smoked Wheat is all Tom's.

However, we did try (and fail) to get an East End keg sent out for the opening though... any last-minute keg-mules out there? You don't have to swallow the beer until it's out of the keg.

Cheers - Scott

Lew Bryson said...

Indeed, it is not, as I found out yesterday. Wouldn't put it past Tom to try one in the future, and I'd be disappointed if he didn't slip a kvass in there at some point.

Bummer about the keg! And what a weird Maria Full of Grace reference...but I'd expect nothing less. Cheers, Scott.