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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Phillies Win!

Time for a beer.

Well, really, I think that about says it all.

No, wait. Let's say this, too.

Not just America's Best Beer-Drinking City. Philly's got the best beer in the ballpark, too. I mean, we oughta. Looks like we've got the best team in there.

Yeah. That'll do it. Beer time!


Bryan Kolesar said...

and the best fans. Did you see/hear their fans? I didn't think so...other than those annoying cowbells. I heard more "Let's go Phillies" chants than any sort of chant from their fans.

Stuck with Stoudt's tonight...Fest bier was my Hamels; Fat Dog played Lights out Lidge...good times, let's keep it going

Deuane said...

Wahooo! One down, three to go! Do it up Phillies!

Lew Bryson said...

Yeah, I saw their fans, all blued-up with nowhere to go.

Rich said...

Go Phils!

Yeah, awesome beer in the park...gotta love it.

Jay said...


Anonymous said...

Phillies pull off a win while Ryan Howard is swinging at passed balls... thats good news for Phillies fans! I'll be drinking Sam Adams Octoberfest on tap tonight as the Phillies take game 2.
Go Phills!

Unknown said...

Interesting comment about best beer ballpark; I have only been to Citizen's once, but I didn't see any good beer there (and I looked). Is the good beer hidden away somewhere, and is it better than having Wharf Rat beer on tap in the outfield in Camden Yards?

Lew Bryson said...

Honestly, don't know how you missed it. There's Yards, Tröegs, Victory, Flying Fish, Anchor and more, and they're all over the place. If you go to the places with the hot dogs, yeah, it's Yuengling and Bud, but if you go to the standalone beer kiosks that are there every 40-50 yards, that's where the good stuff is, in plenty.

Been to Camden Yards, been to PNC Park in Pittsburgh, and while they have good beer, 1)it's hard to find (and I asked local beer geeks), and 2) there's nowhere near the variety.