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Thursday, October 30, 2008

You bet we are

We're going to the victory parade on Friday. If it takes us through McGillin's, Moriarty's, Fergie's, and Memphis on the way home, we're going. ( SEPTA. I can walk home from there if I really have to.)

You goin'?



Anonymous said...

Yes, yes I am.

Steven said...

Can't say as I've ever heard you so fanatical about the Phils before... were you?

Rich said...

Looks like you will have good weather for the parade. Enjoy it as it only comes once every 28 years...see you in another 28.

Lew Bryson said...

Kinda weird, Steve... Writing the beer column for Kerry Byrne's a couple years back seemed to trigger a long-dormant fan gene in me; living in this city of fans has had an effect too. I've actually been giving a damn about sports for the first time in my life.

Steven said...

"Seemed to trigger a long-dormant fan gene in me"

Heh -- it's funny that you explain it that way, I have a long-time friend who always says he "doesn't have the sports gene." Never watches any sort of pro sports.

Funny thing, he's a writer too! ;-)

Jay said...

Flu-like symptoms be damed! I'm going!!

Driving from Harrisburg to Manayunk at about 7am, gonna take PT from there and spend the night at a buddy's place in the area.

I'll be the one with the backpack full of Sly Fox Royal Weiss.

J T. Ramsay said...

That was great. I drank at Memphis Tap as the game ended (post-game toast ruled!) and then ran south to meet friends at Johnny Brenda's. We piled into a car and wound up at Broad and Shunk celebrating in the street. What a night!

Anonymous said...

Baseball is a great game. And the drama and athleticism when it's this close to home is too much to ignore, for anyone with a bit of passion or a pulse, even if they are not sports fans.

GO Fightins!

Jason said...

Congrat's to your Phils. Glad to see the Rays lose. They don't know the pain of losing in the playoffs so they need to get used to that for a while. I'm a Red Sox fan, so I know it all too well.

I'll be down in PA for thanksgiving, can't wait to have some Iron Hill beers. Always a treat!


Anonymous said...

I'll be toting around a 10 litre keg of IH Saison. Hopefully we'll run into each other.

Anonymous said...

I will be there tomorrow as well. There will be 6 to 10 of us taking the morning train and spending the day celebrating our victorious Phils and the great places to enjoy beer in the City of Brotherly Love. Thanks Jay for the great idea of filling a backpack full of Royal Weiss and Dunkels. The morning train ride and the rest of the day will be properly in focus.

Love my Fightin Phils!!

Anonymous said...

I took my son in for the parade. I couldnt see anything from Penn Center and Market but he said he saw Victorino and the Phanatic. It was along train ride in and out but it might be another 28 yrs. I have been watching the Phils since about 1975. When I started playing Little League Joe Morgan and Dave Cash were my favorite players. I cant say i was the Phils biggest fan but I have been watching them since they were on Ch 17 which was before Prism and Comcast (prob 1000s of games. My family went to our first game in 1977 (which was a great yr). I remember 1980 and had tix to game 6 in 83 (which didnt happen). My son and I now have a memory. IF it is another 28 yrs I'll be 68 and my son will be 36.